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YouTube Notion Book

Create Personal Course Book in Notion from YouTube PlayLists

Project Summary

YouTube Notion Book is a tool with which one can generate Notion templates from YouTube playlists with each video of the playlist as a separate Notion page in a database. I tend to use YouTube playlists a lot for picking specific skills but the its UI/UX is not the most conducive for short-term/long-term learning journeys. So I built this tool to help me create a personal learning management system specific to YouTube. The tool can be accessed at youtube-notion-book.vercel.app


I designed and developed the tool as a personal project.




YouTube is a fantastic platform for learning. I use YouTube a lot regularly to learn new skills. I found the playlists to be especially helpful in learning frameworks and technologies that takes a series of videos to learn. However, there are several challenges in using YouTube for learning:

  • It is hard to keep track of the videos that one have already watched in the playlist
  • Going back to a specific video in the playlist is hard. At times, I even tend to forget the playlist that I was watching yesterday.
  • There is no mechanism to take notes within the YouTube UI itself.
  • YouTube UI can be very distracting for focussed learning.
The challenge was to develop a solution to effectively learn from YouTube playlists with mechanisms to track the progress and make notes.


YouTube Notion Book

To address the challenges, I built a tool called YouTube Notion Book. I leveraged the amazing power of APIs to connect Notion and YouTube. The tool allows one to generate Notion pages in a database from a YouTube playlist. Each video in the playlist is a separate page in the database. This would allow one to have their own personalized Notion course books where one can take notes, mark the video status as watched, and do a lot more as they with the capabilities of Notion.


What's next?

I built the tool as a personal project to solve my own problem. However, I feel it could be useful for others as well. Currently, the tool can handle only 5-8 users concurrently. If many are finding it useful, I will modify the system to be more robust and scalable for more users. Let me know if you find it useful. :)
The tool can be accessed at youtube-notion-book.vercel.app

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