Deepak Varuvel Dennison

Selected Projects

Impact Assessment of Pratham's Vocational Skilling program

Pratham Skilling

In my role, I conduct an impact evaluation for Pratham's Vocational Training arm, which aims to equip economically disadvantaged youth with essential skills. This program spans across 20,000+ villages in India. Through exploratory data analysis, I delve into the causal relationships between program inputs and outputs, aiming to unveil insights that highlight the program's efficacy. Additionally, I identify gaps in the current data collection process, striving to enhance the evaluation metrics and ultimately improve the program's effectiveness.... Show more

Teach M-Powered: Using Generative AI to Assist Teachers with Writing Effective Feedback

Stanford University

This project is to investigate the capabilities of Large Language Models (LLMs) to enhance their abilities in crafting feedback for students, aiding teachers in writing effective feedback. Through extensive literature review, I identified various dimensions of effective feedback and formulated a rubric to steer the feedback generation process within LLMs. Additionally, I spearheaded the frontend development of a custom-designed learning management system, integrating insights gained from user research to ensure the tool meets the needs of teachers and addresses existing gaps in the feedback writing process.... Show more

M-Powering Teacher: A Machine Learning Tool for Instructional Measurement and Feedback

Stanford University

Through this project, our team has developed a machine learning tool to analyze diverse facets of a teacher's instruction, delivering a holistic report on classroom interaction. My responsibilities primarily revolve around designing and developing intuitive data dashboards that effectively communicate the insights gleaned from these interactions. Collaborating closely with teachers and educational researchers, I identified specific feedback needs aimed at elevating classroom practices. This entails designing interfaces that distill complex data into actionable insights, facilitating informed decision-making for teachers and teaching coaches.... Show more


From Consumers to Critical Users: Prompty, an AI Literacy Tool For High School Students

Deepak Varuvel Dennison,* Raycelle C. C. Garcia,* Parth Sarin, Jacob Wolf, Christine Bywater, Benjamin Xie and Victor R. Lee

EAAI-24: The 14th Symposium on Educational Advances in Artificial Intelligence

Co-designing AI Education Curriculum with Cross-Disciplinary High School Teachers

Benjamin Xie, Parth Sarin,* Jacob Wolf,* Raycelle C. C. Garcia, Victoria Delaney, Isabel Sieh, Anika Fuloria, Deepak Varuvel Dennison, Christine Bywater, Victor R. Lee

EAAI-24: The 14th Symposium on Educational Advances in Artificial Intelligence

Evaluating LLMs’ Generation of Growth-Mindset Supportive Teacher Language

Margarett Clapper, Cameron Hecht, Michaela Jones, Nirel Jonesmitchell, Meghann Johnson, Deepak Dennison, Dorrotya Demszky and David Yeager

AIED2023 Workshop: Equity, Diversity, and Inclusion in Educational Technology Research and Development

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Product Design

O Dinos: A Transmedia School-readiness Product

AI-based feedback Portal

UI/UX Design

GCC Vaccination Booking Portal

GCC Vaccination Booking Portal

UI/UX Design • No-code App Development


Election Promises Portal

Low-cost Playground Design • Project Management

Park Of Joy

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