Project Prayogshala

Co-Founder / Supermaker

August 2019 - June 2022

🌐 www.projectprayogshala.com


Project Prayogshala is a reimagined makerspace initiative that focuses on creating a maker mindset without relying on expensive hardware. We equip educators with everything required to set up a Prayogshala.

Skills 🤹🏾

Project Management
Volunteer Management
Low-code Development
UI/UX Design

Tools 🎨

Glide Apps
Adobe CC Suite

Responsibilities 🤓

Being the co-founder, Project Prayogshala provides me with an opportunity to juggle🤹🏾 multiple responsibilities as follows:

  • Managing partnerships🤝.
  • Onboarding new Prayogshalas💡.
  • Developing and managing the technological aspects of the initiative.
  • Designing the curriculum and curating the making activities.

Accomplishments 🎉

  • Project Prayogshala was identified to be one of the impactful💪🏾 social impact projects by Ashoka University.
  • The initiative has impacted over 1000 children. We have enabled the establishment of 11 Prayogshalas💡 in different locations despite the constraints caused by the pandemic.

Learnings 💡

  • Starting up Project Prayogshala taught me the importance of assembling the right founding team.
  • I had to pitch Project Prayogshala to at least 40 different individuals before I had the first buy-in outside our pilot. This initiative truly pushed me out of my comfort zone and helped me hone my presentation skills.
  • As the number of Prayogshalas adding to our roster is on a steady rise, it provides me with an opportunity to design a scalable program model without compromising on quality.

Interested in setting up your own reimagined makerspace aka Prayogshala? Don't shy away from sending a message :)


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